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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We in Albina & Hanna, respect privacy of all our customers and we commit to protect all information we gathered through our website like the following information:

All personal information gathered during registration process.
Al details of purchase orders and purchase registers.
All payment information an general contract details.
Therefore, do not worry as we maintain these details to the extent making it available for us to fulfill the purchase orders and meeting your orders in general. We shall take all necessary procedures and steps to protect your personal information from use, modification, disclosure or damage or unauthorized access.

We shall disclose your personal information when that is reasonably necessary to complete your order/ purchase process including but not limited to cases when providing your address to a shipping or delivery company or when providing your information to a banking institution to obtain its approval of your information, and despite this, please note that if we are requested by any controlling or governmental body investigating in any suspicious activity asking us to present your detailed information and/or your personal information, as such we shall be entitled to present such information.

We are entitled to use your personal information since we send you all our products and special offers or our promotional offers that may be interesting to you and we may send your personal information to our business partners who are carefully selected or to any other carefully selected external entities that makes it possible for them to send you information concerning you.

If you do not what to receive such information, you can communicate with the customer service of us and they will provide you with the required assistance in this regard. Despite this, we provide no warranties and we feel free and not responsible of any information you present to us. If you are in need for any additional information, please contact our customer service department.