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Arandas Oro Tequila Gold

Arandas Oro Tequila Gold

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Arandas Tequila is made from the blue agave plant that grows in Mexico’s Jalisco Province, an area that is well-known for having a climate ideal for growing blue agave plants.

Available in two varieties, Plata and Oro, the label carries the NOM – 1142 designation, which indicates that Arandas meets the Mexican government’s standard of quality tequila. The distinctive product packaging reinforces the brand’s authenticity. Arandas comes in a textured bottle containing symbols reminiscent of those found in the remains of Mexico’s ancient Mayan civilization.

Arandas Oro Tequila – Named after one of the most well-known Tequila producing towns, Arandas is a high-quality mixto Tequila. A popular mixing Tequila, Arandas is bottled in a distinctive textured bottle adorned with Mayan hieroglyphic symbols

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