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Burnett’s London Dry Gin

Burnett’s London Dry Gin

Original price was: JD 5.60.Current price is: JD 3.75.

It is bottled at 80 proof and offered with the traditional heavy juniper style of the London Dry tradition.

Burnett’s Gin has lots of juniper on the nose, with a touch of angelica-like musk a hint of citrus and cassia. It’s very classic with lots of aroma.

A bit light at first, Burnett’s flavor is primarily concentrated in its mid-notes. Burnett’s Gin is slightly more citrusy than I might have expected. There’s lots of traditional pine-forward juniper, mixed with lemon and orange rind— especially as the pine notes fade. Clean, classic gin spice add color and depth. But then it burns out rather quickly.

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