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DOLIN Red Vermouth

DOLIN Red Vermouth

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One of the most famous French Vermouths.

Dolin Vermouth is one of the oldest and most famous French Vermouth brands ever: in the late 19th century, it was already garnering medals in Philadelphia, St Louis, and London. Today, it’s still synonymous with fine French vermouth. It’s also one of the last that still produces Vermouth de Chambéry: the only Vermouth with an appellation of origin that was awarded to it in 1932. The 5th generation of theicontinues to make this authentic Vermouth in Chambéry where they macerate real plants from the Alpine meadows Chambéry according to a secret recipe. The Wine base mostly comes from the Armagnac vineyards of the Gers or local producers.

The iconic Dolin Rouge is made from a secret blend of 30 to 40 spices and botanicals including coriander, hyssop, rhubarb and curacao. The recipe is a closely-guarded secret and it’s remained unchanged. What does a classic Vermouth taste like and how to use it? Expect plenty of flavors of almond, citrus, pear, and cinnamon but also gingerbread, tobacco, oregano… You get the picture, it’s complex. Sip it as an aperitif before or after dinner with ice but it’s got great cocktail potential, too: Use it in the famed Negroni or the Manhattan.

Manhattan or Negroni?

Dolin’s red vermouth has a very long history, punctuated with many prizes and awards. It’s unchanged recipe is one of our treasures. This vermouth has a lustrous coppery color, gentle aromas of fruit compote, of prunes and walnuts with grassy notes, tempered by spicy aromas like Szechwan pepper… then aromas of almond, citrus, pear and cinnamon with gingerbread, tobacco, oregano and hyssop notes. This very rich bouquet is tempered by a subtle bitter base wine.

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