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Hario “Moca” Syphon 3 Cup

Hario “Moca” Syphon 3 Cup

JD 85.00

Brew incredibly delicious coffee for your friends and family with the elegant Hario Moca Syphon 3 Cup. Visually stunning and fun to brew with, this syphon makes any morning or dinner mug a tasty coffee experience.

The magic of the syphon brewer is largely due to the way it creates a vacuum during brewing. As the water heats, it’s sucked into the upper chamber where it extracts flavour from the grounds. When the heat is removed, the coffee’s sucked down through the paper filter into the 360ml lower bulb.

Basic Hario Moca Syphon Instructions:

Fill the bottom chamber with 335ml of hot water and light the alcohol burner below it.
Insert the cloth filter to the upper chamber and pour in 20g of medium-coarse coffee grounds.
Attach the upper chamber to the lower bulb and start a timer when the water rises.
After 30 seconds of water/coffee contact, stir the grounds slightly.
After 2 total minutes of brewing, remove the syphon from the burner.
Once the brewed coffee drains, remove the upper chamber and enjoy.

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