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Johnnie Walker Double Black Label 1L

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label 1L

JD 66.00

  • Color: an amber color with golden highlights
  • Flavor: the aroma is sweet and fruity with a hint of peat.
  • Taste: This leads to a sensual palate of hot grain and oak, with hints of vanilla and butter. Ends semi-dry and retains a balanced smoke curtain for a period of time sufficient for the taste buds want to try more of this lush liquor time.

PRODUCER: John Walker & Sons

COUNTRY: Scotland

The Johnnie Walker “Black Label”, as it is also known, is a distilled alcoholic germinated barley and cereal grains, produced, mixed and bottled in Scotland. A 12-year-old blended whisky. One of the world’s most famous blends, it is a blend of around 40 whiskies.


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