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Rutte Dry Gin

Rutte Dry Gin

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Rutte Dry Gin is an award winning, earthy gin that makes incredible G&Ts and cocktails!

Based in the Netherlands, Rutte have been distilling fine gins, jenevers and liqueurs since 1872. Using only natural ingredients and the kind of care and attention that bottling by hand requires, Rutte’s motto “Distilled with Passion” remains true to this day.

Produced by a distillery with a long and fruitful history with juniper, Rutte Dry Gin is a classic gin (using only 7 botanicals) in which an earthy spice is complemented by a light citrus. Peppered fennel holds its place in the spirit, softened by an almost contradictory creaminess. Pine and pepper last throughout the finish.

Nose: Black pepper with tropical notes of pineapple, hibiscus and citrus, underlying juniper.

Palate: Light citrus grapefruit, some hints of fennel and juniper, with mild forest angelica.

Finish: Clean light and dry with some astringency.

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